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My Great Greek Adventure

So, we arrived back from holiday, in the early hours of Tuesday morning (14th May), and I am only just beginning to feel human again. I went to Rhodes in Greece with my Husband for our 8th Wedding Anniversary and it was magical.

Those of you who know me well, know that I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for Greek Mythology so you can imagine my delight when we decided to go to Greece. I would like to go back again at some point and hopefully go to Athens, but that has been added to the holiday list (hopefully and when we can afford it).

When we got to the hotel, we were told that we had been upgraded to a room with it’s own private mini pool. Well, I was over the moon. But have you ever been to a super fancy hotel and when you walk in your room, you feel like you don’t belong? Yeah! Me too! But we eventually settled and had the best time.

We got to explore some pretty beautiful ruins such as an Acropolis, and Ruins relating to Zeus and Artemis as well. The first three days of our holiday though, we kind of shot ourselves in the foot, only because this is the first holiday, we have been on in five years, we were very excited and exhausted ourselves running around and exploring as much as possible. So, our legs and feet were quite sore from climbing so many steps. Oops!

I am currently trying to upload all of the photos I took of our holiday, into a Facebook photo album and it seems to be taking a while.

We also went on a guided tour of Lindos where we got to climb even more steps, to see the ruins of the Temple of Athena, which I was very impressed by. After our tour and on our way beck to the hotel we got to go to an authentic Greek Pottery place, to see some beautiful things being made, and buy a couple of pieces. I bought a lovely small plate with an image of Artemis on it, and it only cost me about 9 euros.

I do love a good Tat shop as well. That is what we call tacky souvenir shops, because I LOVE them so much. I got a lovely selection of small statues, but my absolute favourite piece I got was a gorgeous statue of Medusa. She looks pretty fierce as well.

What I forgot about was how Greece is famous for it’s street cats, and these cats are AMAZING! they live all across the island and are looked after by the people of Greece. I was missing my two cats terribly, so seeing and getting to stroke a few of the Greek cats really helped and a couple of them made friends with me. I did get scratched by a couple, but hey, even Greek cats can have attitudes.

I also made friends with a lovely dog when we were eating outside a restaurant in the old town. He came up to me and fell asleep with his head on my foot. So, you can guess that I wasn’t moving for a while at that point.

One of the highlights for me though was a boat trip we took on out last day, which just so happened to be our Wedding Anniversary. We got to go one one of those boats where you can go underneath and sea the fishes and all that kind of thing. We even had a diver out on a show for us and it was super impressive.

It was a wonderful holiday and we had such a lovely time, but I did find myself getting homesick quite a bit and was very pleased to get home to my own bed, and my cats. I practically barged the doors down when we went to pick them up from the cattery, and both of my babies have been all over me since. Which I am very happy about.

I also got ideas for tow new books/stories as well while I was away, even if I didn’t really do much writing. So, now I have no idea just how many projects I have/want to work on. I am not even going to think about it right now.

For now, I will have a couple of days unwinding and then get back to my writing.

Take care and speak soon


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