Unicorn Friends Books

Unicorn Friends: A Magical Beginning


ISBN: 978-1730785658

If you were ever lucky enough to find yourself on a magical adventure, there are quite possibly a million places you could end up. But let me tell you about one place in particular. A magical place that I will only tell you about if you promise to keep it a secret. Can you do that? Yes? Jolly good. Now, who am I? Well, I can’t tell you that because it is all a secret. You can just call me your storyteller, and I am going to tell a story about a wonderful place. A place called Starlandia. Now this place is special, want to know why? Because Starlandia is where the Unicorns live. Yes, Unicorns do exist. No matter what some grown-ups may tell you. You will have to believe in magic if you are to see them. Do you believe in Unicorn magic? Can you keep a secret? Yes? Jolly good.Well then. Come on in – the Starlandia Unicorns would be very happy to meet you.

Unicorn Friends: Book Two TBC


As some of you may already know, I intend for the Unicorn Friends' books to be a nice long series. At the moment, however, book two is still in the early planning stages. As I get further along in the writing process of this book, I will update the information here. 

Unicorn Friends: Book Three TBC


Details TBC

Unicorn Friends: Book Four TBC


Details TBC


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